Sunday, June 21, 2009

First up, Turner is bringing together all of their web properties to create a QUOTE, brand-friendly ad network, which will offer advertisers a choice of two video and display-ad options across their nineteen websites, including,, and This comes as part of the company's push to abandon third party ad networks.

Processor maker Intel will look to re-enter the competitive mobile phone market when their new Atom Chip hits the market in 2009. The company feels the new phone will offer manufacturers of 'Smart Phones' the same kind of processing power which has already given them an 80-percent market share in the PC processor marketplace. However, critics of the new Intel chip say that the Atom will only offer 4 to 6 hours of HD video playback on a single battery charge for the phone it is installed in.

Also looking to get an edge in the market is NVIDIA,. The company recently announced plans for their Tegra Chip, which the company describes as a whole computer on a chip and it will offer users 26 hours of HD Video on one battery charge.

TiVo recently won a 74-million dollar settlement against competitors The Dish Network and Echostar for patent infringement damages, and now the sister companies are firing back with a counter-suit. Dish Network and Echostar are suing TiVo and say that they have developed a new version of their DVR software and it does not infringe on any previous TiVo patents.

Adobe is launching an upgrade of their popular software, Acrobat, now featuring an option allowing users to include flash-based videos in PDF documents. The new, improved Acrobat will also repackage documents, so they are readable across a range of operating systems, and it will also allow users to add video and audio to Power Point presentations.

And finally, Discovery Communications is set to launch a new, eco-friendly cable channel this week, PlanetGreen. The niche channel has big advertisers like GE and SC Johnson on board, and Discovery hopes the network will help prove the value of ads targeted to a specific audience as compared to ads targeting a larger, more generalized audience.

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